Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Property or Parcel

What is the current zoning for a property?
Please refer to the Townships Zoning Map or contact one of the following Departments.
Residential: Building Department (248) 451-4842 or
Commercial: Planning Department (248) 451-4876 or

How can I obtain a Zoning Verification Letter?
Zoning Verification Letters can be obtained by sending a written request to the Planning Department by mail or email (refer to Planning Home Page).  Zoning Verification letters include the following information:  
     1. Current Zoning of property
     2. Any applicable Overlay Districts
     3. Whether the existing use is permitted in the district
     4. Abutting zoning
Any additional information would require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) form
The Planning Department will be happy to provide copies of departmental public records, allow an opportunity to inspect public records or provide certified copies of public records.  First, you will need to complete a FOIA  form.
For FOIA requests that require research and documentation from multiple departments, please contact the Clerk’s Office (248) 451-4848.

Is a lot buildable?
Answer: Development Standards are available in Section 3.1 of the Townships Zoning Ordinance.  Development standards include lot size and coverage, setbacks, building height and per unit living area.  Also included in this portion of the Ordinance are principal and special land uses.  To utilize this section, you will first need to know the zoning district associated with the lot in question.  Zoning Map.

Useful Links for obtaining information about a property/parcel
  Deeds and Restrictions
  Maps & Tax Parcel Reports
  Plat Maps
  Google Maps

 Topic: SIGNS

Do I need a sign permit?
Answer: Yes –Signs in the township must be reviewed by the Planning Department for compliance with the applicable Township Ordinances. Following approval from the planning Department, you will be referred to the Building Department for any additional Building and/or Electrical Permits. 
Exceptions: Window Signs, On-Site Real Estate Signs and Political Signs do not require permits, but, must be displayed in accordance with the Township Zoning Ordinance.

How long does it take to get a sign permit application approved?
Answer: Complete applications can usually be approved by the Planning Department within two (2) business days. All Plan review will be completed within ten (10) days.  Application requirements are located on the back side of the Sign Permit Application. If you have any questions about submittal requirements, please contact the Planning Department directly.

What happened to my yard signs?
Answer: Yard Signs are permitted for non-profit organizations which have obtained a Community Special Event Sign Permit from the Planning Department.  Unpermitted signs (and permitted signs that are installed within the right-of-way or corner clearance of an intersection) may be pulled by our code enforcement officers.  Pulled signs will be held for up to five (5) business days and can be claimed from Township Hall during that time. 

Do I need a Building Permit in addition to a sign permit?
Answer: A Building Permit is required for all signs that have a structural base or footing or are attached to a building.  An Electrical Permit is required for all signs that include illumination. Building and Electrical Permits can be obtained by the Building Department (248) 451-4842. Building Department Home Page

What is a Community Special Event Sign?
Answer: means temporary sign(s) and banner(s), including decorations and displays celebrating a traditionally-accepted patriotic or religious holiday, or special municipal, non-profit, or school activity or event held within West Bloomfield Township. 

Topic: OTHER

Can I open a new (type) business in West Bloomfield Township?
Answer: Development Standards; which include a list of acceptable permissible uses, and those uses that require special approval, are available in Section 3.1 of the Townships Zoning Ordinance.   To utilize this section, you will first need to know the zoning district associated with the lot in question. Zoning Map.

How long will it take to get on a planning commission agenda?
Answer:  All applications that are filed with the Planning Department for Planning Commission Review will first need to be reviewed internally.  Internal reviews range from administrative to multi-departmental.  Once the internal review process is complete, an application will be placed on the next available Planning Commission meeting agenda.  A complete application is considered to have met all township requirements and does not require the submission of revisions. 
Complete application deadline approximation: Submittal Deadlines
When a Public Hearing is required – approximately eight (8) weeks
When a Public Hearing is not required – two (2) to four (4) weeks.

How many sets of plans are required for site/sketch plan application?
Answer: Four (4) complete sets are required at the time of application to conduct the internal review process. An additional 10 (ten) sets and PDF files are required once the application is considered complete and placed on the Planning Commission agenda.

What is a "Complete Application"?
A complete application is considered to have met all township requirements and does not require the submission of revisions.

Can I request a pre-application meeting with Township Staff to discuss my project?
Answer:  Pre-application meetings are actually encouraged as a way of gaining an understanding of the Township's planning process, necessary approvals and general expectations as well for the Township to better understand the overall scope of the project, discuss timelines and provide potential design solutions.  To set up a pre-application meeting please contact the Planning Department at (248) 451-4876 or at    

Topic: Roadways

What will the 14 Mile Road, Northwestern and Orchard Lake Road intersection look like?
Follow the following link for the 14 Mile Road, Northwestern and Orchard Lake Road intersection website.  It should be noted that roadways within the Township are under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission of Oakland County.

Topic: Important Numbers
(800) 482-7171           Miss Dig
(248) 858-4804           Oakland County Road Commission (For all Township Roads)
(844) 464-3587           GFL Environmental USA (Trash Collection)
(248) 975-9200           West Bloomfield Police Department (Non-Emergency)
(248) 409-1505           West Bloomfield Fire Department (Non-Emergency)
(248) 682-2120           West Bloomfield Main Library
(248) 451-1900           West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation
(248) 858-1000           Oakland County - Switchboard

Township Hall Contacts
(248) 451-4800           West Bloomfield Township Hall
(248) 451-4850           Assessing
(248) 451-4842           Building Department/Inspections
(248) 451-4848           Clerk’s Office
(248) 451-4880           Code Enforcement
(248) 451-4824           Development Services
(248) 451-4818           Environmental
(248) 451-4803           Personnel
(248) 451-4832           Water & Sewer