Vacant Property Registration and Inspection

In an effort to help protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, maintain property values and neighborhood integrity. West Bloomfield has adopted a new ordinance that requires all properties that have been vacant / unoccupied for over 30 days to be registered with the township.

The steps and sequence below represent the application and inspection process. The actual process may vary, depending upon the unique attributes of a particular property. Some steps may be performed simultaneously.



Submit Registration/Affidavit Application, Fee


Registration/Affidavit Application


Vacant Property Ordinance


The Township’s primary goal is to help protect health, safety and welfare of the citizens by preventing blight, protecting property values and neighborhood integrity, avoiding the creation and maintenance of nuisance of dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings.


Pay Registration/Affidavit and Inspection Fees



$425.00 Residential

$625.00 Commercial


Note: Registration and inspection fees must be paid at time of submitting registration affidavit. Section 8-396

Once the registration/affidavit application and inspection fees are paid. An Inspector from the Community Development Building/Inspection Division will automatically schedule an inspection within 21 days of registration and visit the property in order to inspect the interior and exterior of the premises in accordance to 2006 International Property Maintenance Code and Ordinance C-375, Chapter 8, Building and Building Regulations.


Inspections Process


Inspection Checklist


Necessary inspections; general exterior, swimming pools, decks and handrails, general interior, smoke alarms, emergency exits (egress), front/back & interior doors, windows, heating systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems. Inspections may be scheduled by calling the assigned inspector at least 24 hours in advance.


Notice of Violation


Property Owner (Bank) and Property Manager will be notified of any property maintenance violation issues. Time line to resolve violations will be 30 days. Township will reinspect property. Additional permits may be required.


Obtain Final Inspection



A final inspection must be approved before occupancy. Contact the Community Development Department at 248-451-4842


Additional Requirements Certifications

Mechanical Heat Mechanical (HVAC)Certification Required

In additional to a mechanical certification; when vacant property is winterized, all electrical, plumbing, and structural systems shall be certified by licensed contractor as being in good repair.


Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer Department Policies

Turning on Water for  Home Inspections and New Meters Installations

Contact Water & Sewer Billing Department at 248-451-4832 and speak to one of the staff to request the water to be turned on.  All outstanding fees must pay and make an appointment to meet a representative at the location turns the water on and inspects the water meter.


If you believe a house in your neighborhood has been vacant for at least 30 days, is open to entry, or not being maintained, you can report it to the Neighborhood Improvement office by calling (248) 451-4842, or to report a complaint online click here.

You should be prepared to supply the following information:
1. The address of the house, if known, or the address of a neighboring house.
2. Any information concerning the house, such as:

  • Subdivision Name
  • How long it has been vacant
  • Who owns it, if known
  • What condition the house is in (is it open to entry, are there safety hazards, etc.)
3. Your name and information. This allows us to keep you informed on our progress. If a dwelling is determined to be abandoned, the owner will be directed to supply the Township with certain items. These include:

  • Registration of the property as abandoned.
  • Payment of an assessment fee for monitoring.
  • A plan of action to reoccupy, renovates, reuse, or sell the property.

All communities have some abandoned dwellings. Those that progress are those that actively seek to reduce this number of vacant houses and to insure that the quality of life remains acceptable for all residents. Please help us to achieve the goal of significant reduction in the number of vacant dwellings and the continued redevelopment of our community.