Development Services Overview


The Development Services Department-Engineering Services provides the following services: 

Construction Engineering & Management-  Ensure draincommercial and residential site development, drainage improvement and utility construction projects are designed, constructed and dedicated pursuant to township and state ordinances and consistent with sound engineering practices.  Manage and coordinate legal documents, performance guarantees, plan reviews and approvals and inspection processes.    

Safety Path Construction & Maintenance – Manage and coordinate the construction of new safety pathway segments to make certain they are built as designed, permitted and budgeted.  Coordinate the inspection and maintenance of existing safety pathways.

Storm Water Management & Planning – Review and approve storm water management plans and manage and coordinate the development and implementation of the state mandated NPDES/MS4 Phase II Storm Water Permit.  Activities include Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative, Public Education Plan, Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan, and Annual Report.  Participate and support the Upper Huron River/Kent Lake Watershed, Clinton River Watershed and Rouge River Watershed Groups.   

Right-of-Way Disruption – Review and inspect utility construction projects that occur within the road right-of-way.  Coordinate projects pursuant to the Metro Act.

On-Site Sewage Disposal System (OSDS) – Coordinate the inspection of on-Site Sewage Disposal systems at the time of property sale with the Oakland County Health Department.

Special Assessment District Development (SAD) – Assist in the creation of Special Assessment Districts for the construction of roadways, sewer and water utility projects and County Drain Projects.

The Development Services Department- Environmental Services provides the following permits and programs:
rain garden
Water Resource Protection -- Protect the water resources of the township by minimizing residential and commercial construction and use impacts to floodplains, floodways, wetlands, watercourse and the 25-foot environmental features setback area through the issuance and enforcement of permits pursuant to township ordinances.   

Woodland Protection -- Protect the woodland areas of the township by monitoring the health and minimizing residential and commercial construction and use impacts through the issuance and enforcement of permits pursuant to township ordinances.

Environmental Education and Planning -- Provide information to the residents, elected officials and colleagues on environment issues, emerging environmental threats, best management practices and environmental planning trends. Also, the program involves obtaining and managing federal, state and local grants. 

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) & Grading and Drainage -- Protect air and water quality and private property from soil erosion and sedimentation by regulating earth-moving activities pursuant to PA 451, Part 91 as amended and township ordinance.  Ensure earth moving and grading activities are undertaken pursuant to engineered site grading and drainage plans and township ordinance. 
Solid Waste Management & Planning –- Manage and coordinate the two (2) household hazardous waste collection events and single hauler solid waste and recycling services contract.  Conduct solid waste management and planning activities as directed by the Township Supervisor and Township Board to ensure the safe and effective handling of residential and commercial wastes.