Adopt a Safety Path



The West Bloomfield Adopt-A-Safety Path Program (AASP) provides a unique opportunity for community groups, neighborhood associations, businesses, families and other civic minded groups to become involved in an important community stewardship effort.  Program participants will become part of township efforts to beautify our environment, maintain our safety path network, save taxpayers’ dollars and promote an overall positive community image. 

Participants also obtain prominent recognition and publicity for their community service activities including the placement of an Adopt-A-Safety Path sign containing the group’s name in the area of the adopted safety path.   

The objectives of the program is to create a strong working relationship between the township and its volunteers that not only keeps our safety path network clear of obstructions, litter and debris but also promotes the importance alternative forms of transportation and creating a healthy community.  

Volunteers of the program will remove loose gravel, pebbles, sand, dirt, sticks, branches and any other debris that may impede use of and access to our safety path network.  Volunteers will also inspect and report to the township areas in need of repair and larger maintenance activities. 

These activities will need to be completed 2 to 3 times per year between the months of between May 1 and November 30.  Also, participation requires at least a two year commitment.   Adopting a safety path is a big commitment but has a positive impact on our quality of life and community image.  

Interested? Pease review the following information:

2015 Bike Path Map
AASP Program Description
AASP Application
AASP Release Form
AASP Inspection Form

To join the Adopt-A-Safety Path program or for more information , please contact the Planning & Development Services Department @ 248-451-4818