Benchmark Information

West Bloomfield Benchmark Book

SURVEYThe "Benchmark Book" is available at the Development Services Counter for viewing.  Any individual/company using elevations provided from the "Benchmark Book" must do so with the understanding of the following:

The "Benchmark Book" was assembled from past development projects.  Many are assumed to be USGS (NGVD 29 Datum).  However, the township cannot verify datum, accuracy or source of the benchmark listed.

A survey loop shall be completed by the user to verify accuracy.

Currently West Bloomfield Township requires all survey information to be in  NAVD 88 Datum. 

Attached are published conversions from NGVD29 to NAVD 88.

It Is recommended that published benchmarks be obtained from the NOAA web site or from past FEMA flood plain studies.

Acceptable GPS Methods:

GPS results obtained utilizing the Michigan Spatial Reverence Network (MSRN).

OPUS Solution are acceptable if verified against a published source.