Grading/Soil Erosion General Information

A Permit is REQUIRED to perform ANY earth change activities.

(See Exceptions)

It is recommended that those who want to apply for a permit arrange a pre-application meeting with the Development Services Department.  This meeting is intended to be informational and ensure a complete application process. 

Please contact the Development Services Department at 248.451.4818


Soil erosion and sedimentation is one of the greatest environmental threats to water systems. Soil erosion is defined by the wearing away, detachment and movement of soil or rock from the land surface by running water, wind, ice, other geological agents and/or gravity mainly caused by vegetation removal and disturbance during construction activities.  Storm water run-off further enhances erosion that contributes to sedimentation in streams, lakes, and wetlands.  Sedimentation occurs when erosion is severe and soil particles leave the disturbed site.  Sedimentation can significantly compromise water quality by decreasing plant growth and stunt essential chemical and thermal processes that support aquatic systems.  Along with carrying chemicals into water bodies, sediment becomes a hazard when clogged in storm drains and sewer systems.  

Controlling Soil Erosion and Sedimentation

The intent of the soil erosion provision is to prevent soil erosion and control sedimentation as a result of nonagricultural practices and development including road construction.  Permits direct and regulate water disposal and protect soil surfaces before, during, and after construction. These permits are granted to protect public health and ensure nondegradative impacts to natural resources.

The following are common control measures required by the Township on a construction site:

  • 4-6’ feet high chain-link fencing
  • 24-36’’ silt fence
  • Rock rip-rap check dam(s)
  • Aggregate access drive installed over geo-textile fabric
  • Yard and street catch basin protection
  • Proper site re-stabilization measure
  • In-water sediment curtains

On a smaller scale, individuals can most help control soil erosion through maintaining native plantings on residential properties.