Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP)


An illicit discharge is any discharge to our lakes and streams that contains polluting materials,
such as oils, detergents, bacteria and sediment. 

Examples of illicit discharge sources are sanitary sewer outlets, failed septic systems,
illegal dumping, spills, fertilizer runoff and unprotected construction sites.

You can help reduce the number of illicit discharges by reporting suspicious discharges to either Oakland County or West Bloomfield Township Planning & Development Services Department.

The agency you contact will investigate each complaint and take measures to find and
eliminate the illicit discharge.


IDEP Contact Information

Oakland County - (248) 858-0931: 24 hours     

West Bloomfield Township Planning & Development Services Department - (248) 451-4818


Suspected source of discharge

Observations made by you

Sanitary Sewer outlets

Unusual Discharges

Cheater Pipes

Sanitary debris

Oils sheen   

Soap suds

Foul odors –sewer, rotten eggs, petroleum

Failed Septic Systems


Quickly growing green patch

Soap suds

Sewage or rotten egg smell

Sanitary debris on the ground

Illegal Dumping or Spills


Suspicious dumping

Spills that lead to catch basins/ waterways

Agricultural  and Fertilizer Run off

Algae growth near an outlet in a ditch

Large number of dead fish in waterway

Soil erosion from construction sites


Bare soil with no soil erosion controls in place

Muddy discharges from an outfall


bottle  gree  oil 
 pipe  Applebees Dumpster  spill