Obtaining a Grading and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit

It is recommended that those who want to apply for a permit arrange a pre-application meeting with the Development Services Department.  This meeting is intended to be informational and ensure a complete application process. 

Please contact the Development Services Department at 248.451.4818

Under Chapter 8, Article XIII, Section 8-305 to 8-316, a Grading/Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control permit is required if the site meets any of the following conditions

1. New single family construction, or modification of more  than 500 square feet on the first floor, to the existing structure

2. New multiple, commercial, or condominium construction

3. New road contruction; public or private utility construction

4. Mass grading, clearing, grubbing or stripping of top soil of more than 500 square feet

5. Construction of landscape berms, culvert installation, movement of soil greater than 100 cubic yards

6. Required for Soil Erosion only on demolition projects within 500 feet of water body or wetland

7. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit (only) is required if the disturbed area is less than 500 sq. ft and within 500 ft of a water body or wetland


Additional permits that may be required:

  • Wetland Permit – required when disturbing a wetland, 25 ft. setback, or 100 yr. floodplain area
  • Wetlands and Woodlands Permits – BOTH required if regulated woodlands are within the 25 ft. setback or the wetland is considered a wooded wetland.