Companies applying for a right-of-way disruption permit, must fill out the 
Right of Way Permit Application.

Before applying for a permit all utility companies are asked to please read  and follow the Right-of-Way Disruption Permit Process Overview 

Right-of-Way Ordinance No. C-553 is an ordinance to regulate and manage the disruption to, and use of, public rights-of-way located within the Township, easements and/or public places on main roads throughout the Township.

All utility companies are required to notify the Township of rights-of-way work on main roadways and apply for a permit. A fee will be charged for the application for a permit, there will be a weekly charge for the permit, and a Restoration Surety payment must be made before work can begin.  

Companies that fall under the Metro Act are required to apply with the Clerk's office for a Use Permit before a Disruption Permit from the Development Services may be issued.  No permit  fee will be required for the Disruption permit.

Once a permit has been issued, the permit holder must schedule a pre-permit inspection with the Engineering Inspector

Right-of-Way questions may be directed to the following:
Pamela Sych Project Manager (248) 451-4815

Pre-permit Inspections may be scheduled by contacting the following:
George Beattie Engineering Inspector (248) 451-4816