The Rouge River Watershed

Heron Newburgh Lake


Naturescaping for the Rouge River

The Rouge River Watershed is approximately 438 square miles with a population of 1.5 million. It runs through the most densely populated and urbanized land in Michigan.  Over 50% of the watershed is urbanized and less than 25% is undeveloped. As a result, the majority of pollution in the Rouge River is caused by individuals. Only 2% of the pollution is caused by industry. In total, the Rouge River Watershed consists of 126 river miles. It affects the water quality of the lower 20 miles of the Detroit River and Lake Erie.

West Bloomfield Township has teamed up with 40 other municipal governments and is a part of the Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC).  ARC's goal is to continue to protect and improve the Rouge River.

For more information please refer to the Alliance of Rouge Communities or Friends of the Rouge