SAD Project Process

In order to establish an SAD, the following steps must be taken:

A representative must arrange a meeting with the Development Services Department (Engineering) to outline the proposed district and verify the feasibility of undertaking the public improvement Project (e.g. water, sewer, roads, etc.) Call the Development Services Department at (248) 451-4824 to set up an appointment.

If the project appears feasible, as verified by the Development Services Department, then a written request must be submitted to the Township Supervisor and Development Services Director, showing the designated area to be serviced by the proposed improvement. When a request is made to the Township for the establishment of a special assessment district, the person or persons making the request shall pay a non-refundable SAD project fee of $2,500.

Petitions, instruction sheets, a cost estimate and a map will be prepared by the Development Services Department. These will be given to the Petitioner for circulation within the district. These petitions must be signed by 60% of the property owners. All property owners not in favor of the project must sign a separate list. Petitions must be returned within 90 days.

The petitions are returned to the Development Services Department. A copy is sent to Assessing Department for verification of signatures.

After the petitions are validated,  the Director will present the petitions to township board for acceptance and the resolution process begins.  Once the township issues a warrant for the work to begin,  the project will be designed, let for bid and constructed.