Special Assessment District Program (SAD)

Current SAD Projects
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2018 Projects
Rutledge Park SAD 161 Roadway Improvement Project

2017 Projects
Willow Farm SAD 152 Storm Water Improvement Project

2016 Projects
Chimney Hill SAD 154 Roadway Improvement Project

2015 Projects
Foxpointe SAD 149 Paving Project
Stonebridge SAD 143 Paving Rehabilitation
Aldingbrooke SAD 150 Paving Rehabilitation

SAD Program

The Special Assessment District Program (SAD) has been established by the Township to assist neighborhoods in the design, financing, and contract management of large infrastructure projects.  Examples of projects that have benefited from the program include the installation of water mains, sanitary sewers,  storm water detention improvements, public road paving and private road paving.

Through an SAD, the local residents benefiting from the project, pay for the entire cost of the project by an assessment on their property. The first step in establishing a SAD is to schedule a meeting with the Planning & Development Services Director to discuss the feasibility of the project.

Residents considering a  public road improvement project may also consider contacting the Oakland County Road Commission for participation in their SAD program.

Below are links that help further describe the process 

For further SAD information contact the Planning & Development Services Department @ (248) 451-4818