Septic and Well Programs

Time of Sale Septic Program

Septic systems are economical, effective, and environmentally safe when they are properly managed. If septic systems are not properly maintained environmental health problems may develop. It is not recommended to dispose of any household hazardous wastes in sinks or toilets. Also, household cleaners should not be used in septic systems. They have little effect and in some instances may cause damage.

It is recommended that septic systems be evaluated and pumped every 2-3 years by a licensed operator. 

West Bloomfield Township has a Time of Sale Septic Program. This program requires septic systems pass an inspection within 120 days from the date of ownership transfer, unless it has been evaluated within a year of the time of sale. The septic tank must be pumped at the time of evaluation. The evaluation must be done by a certified evaluator registered with Wayne or Washtenaw County Environmental Health Departments.

If the system fails, and sanitary sewer is available within 200 feet, connection is mandatory.

If a homeowner needs financial assistance with a new connection or replacement of their OSDS  and meet certain financial criteria they may be eligible for a grant or a no/low cost loan for the improvement.  
For more information please go to

Additionally, if a homeowner is a veteran, they may also qualify for some veterans programs through the VA.

For assistance with the cost of the sewer connection fee, Please contact the Water Utilities Department.

Note to Realtors:
Please make your buyers and sellers aware of the Time of Sale Septic program requirements.

Note to Registered Evaluators:

Evaluators must send the completed Disposal System Transfer Evaluation Form to the West Bloomfield Township Development Services Department within ten (10) days of the evaluation of the system.

If no sanitary sewer is available, repair or replacing the system will require a permit from the Oakland County Environmental Health Department (248-926-3305.) Also required will be the Development Services Department Part 91 Grading and Drainage/SESC Permit.

If the home is vacant at the time of transfer of ownership, please contact Developmental Services for more information.

For further information contact Laura Hartman, Sr Development Clerk, at (248) 451-4818 or lhartman@wbtownship.0rg

Private Well Water Testing

The West Bloomfield Water and Sewer Utilities Department in conjunction with the Oakland County Health Division would like to remind Private Well Owners that the only way to be sure their drinking water is safe is to have it tested regularly for the presence and detection of potential contaminants.

“Unlike public water supplies, private wells are not tested regularly by city or county officials,” said Kathy Forzley, manager/health officer of Oakland County Health Division. “Homeowners with private wells may not be aware of the risks that can occur. The only way to ensure safe drinking water is to test well water regularly.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention recommendations include testing wells for bacteria (total coliform), nitrate and nitrite on an annual basis. Also have your well tested if:

  •  There are known problems with well water in your area
  •  You Have experienced problems near your well (i.e., flooding, land disturbances, and a nearby waste   disposal site)
  •  You replace or repair any part of your well system
  •  You notice a change in water quality (i.e., taste, color, odor)

Water sample bottles can be purchased at Health Division offices for detection of bacteria for $6.00 and partial chemical (nitrate, nitrite, chloride, fluoride and sulfate) for $5.00. Arsenic and lead testing are also available at Health Division offices, or by calling the State Lab at (517) 335-8184. A listing of local laboratories that test drinking water samples are also available at:

Oakland County Health Division offices are located in Pontiac at 1200 N. Telegraph Road, building 34 East, and in Southfield at 27725 Greenfield Road.  Offices are open 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call the Health Division (Environmental Health Services) at (248) 858-1312 for more information. For up-to-date information, visit