Electric Vehicle Charging

ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric VehicleWest Bloomfield Township is pleased to announce the addition of a ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Station to the township complex.  It’s a fast and easy way to go green!

Where is the station?
The station is located in an island in the West Town Hall parking lot, north of the Library.  Two parking spaces beside the station have been reserved for vehicles wanting to use the station.

How much does a charge cost?
The cost associated with a charging session will be $0.25 per 15 minute increments, with a maximum of 2 hours charge time allowed per visit.  You must move your vehicle after 2 hours to allow for others to use the station.

How do I pay for a charge?
The preferred method is to prepay for charge time with ChargePoint.  Another way to pay is with a synced contactless credit card that has an RFID chip with this symbol))) on it. You will need to go online to www.chargepoint.com to become a ChargePoint member and obtain a member card or to sync a credit card. 

How do I use the station?
There are two (2) ports at the station available for your use. Tap your ChargePoint card (or synced credit card) over the reader symbol, press the handle button to remove the charging connector, and simply plug in. After you’re done, tap your card to end the session, then unplug the connector and return it to the station. You may also sign up and start a session all from the ChargePoint mobile to track your usage.

Want more information?
ChargePoint information and an online map of charge stations locations can be found at www.chargepoint.com.  A mobile app is available for download.  With the app you can readily find other locations, start a charge station, monitor your charge session and track your usage.

To obtain a ChargePoint member card visit www.chargepoint.com 

Please remember to move your vehicle after 2 hours so that others may use the charging station. 

Charge Port 1 is in the interior of the station.  Open the door to find the port.  You will need to provide a cord to connect to this port. 

Charge Port 2 is the station's exterior corded charge port. 

A ChargePoint app is available for your smart phone.

For additional assistance, please contact:

West Bloomfield Township Development Services Department at 248-451-4818