Supervisor - Frequently Asked Questions

I have trash questions: whom do I call?
Please remember that you must hire GFL Environmental USA for your trash service.  It is NOT a service PAID FOR WITH YOUR TAXES. GFL Environmental USA has taken over the five-year contract with the Township to offer three types of services: garbage, recyclables and yard refuse.

For service questions with GFL Environmental USA, please contact: 1-844-464-3587.
For Customer Service issues, you must initiate a call to the Customer Service Department at GFL Environmental USA.

Who removes dead animals in the Township? 
In the case of a large animal (i.e. deer) obstructing the road, please contact the Oakland County Road Commission at (248) 645-2000.  For the removal of all other dead animals you may choose to hire a company to remove them or do it yourself after taking necessary precautions such as wearing gloves when handling the animal. Report all dead crows to the West Nile Virus Hotline of the Oakland County Health Division at 1-877-377-3641.

There are some terrible potholes in my neighborhood, whom do I call to have them repaired?
Please contact the Oakland County Road Commission, Department of Citizen Services at (248) 858-4804. You must contact the same number for neighborhood paving/re-paving projects or to set up an SAD (special assessment district).

Whom do I contact about having a tour of Town Hall?
The Township Supervisor's Office conducts tours of Town Hall. Every year, we have between 40 and 60 groups comprised mostly of elementary school students tour our offices. The highlight of those visits are meeting the Supervisor in her office and sitting in the Board Room.

Is there public transportation in West Bloomfield?
Yes. The Township is served by three fixed bus routes. Schedules are available in the Township Hall lobby or by calling SMART at (866) 962-5515. Additionally, there is a community transit bus for scheduling rides locally. For more information call West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation at (248) 451-1900.