Credit Card Payments

As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient service, West Bloomfield Township has partnered with BS&A Software to offer credit card payments. Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and rewards of credit card payments using your credit card.

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Through our software provider, BS&A Software, West Bloomfield Township provides free parcel information for residents (up to 10 parcels that you own) and online tax and water payment options. Information related to parcels other than your own has a minimal per parcel cost.

BS&A Software has partnered with Official Payments Corporation so that you may pay with a credit card online. If you wish to pay bills by credit card on this site, please be aware that there is a third-party convenience fee.

Please note:  The payments/search page has slightly changed.  All registrations are still valid and all bill history is still available for viewing as it was before.  A registered user can still look up their own property at no charge.

Please click one of the links below: 
Pay Water Bill     Pay Tax Bill     Main Page (Register, Property Info) 

Click here for a tutorial of the registration process.

Click here for a tutorial of the search and payment process.

If you are a resident needing further assistance obtaining parcel information, or for payment assistance, please call (248) 451-4860 or email the Treasurer's Department .

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