Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTThere is no charge for this service however a $30 fee will be assessed if your bank rejects payment to us due to insufficient funds, account closed, or incorrect account information. Be sure to enter your information correctly and have available funds in your account on the date of payment.

If you encounter any problems, please email us or call us at (248) 451-4860. We will make every effort to assist you, including online help setting up your account information.

When you are ready to pay your bill, please click the appropriate link below for the bill you are paying.
NOTE: Please do not exit until you receive a confirmation number. See below for more specific instructions.

Water Bill Payments (Access Code 3167)
Tax Payments (Access Code 3185)

Tax Payment Instructions
For taxes, your account number is your Parcel ID Number, which is shown in the box on your statement coupon as Parcel ID number. It is a ten-digit number beginning X-18 or 99,
e.g. X-18-12-345-678. Enter the ten-digit number as it appears in the box, without the dash. Type the access code 3185 and click on the type of payment. You may call our provider directly for assistance at (888) 388-5959.

Tax payments initiated using this system (MVP banking) will be honored on the date they are scheduled for payment. For example, if you initiate your payment on February 13 and wish to schedule the payment for February 14 this will be treated as an on-time payment even if the system shows a later payment date. You cannot use this payment option after the due date.

Water and Sewer Payment Instructions
Your water/sewer account number is a six-digit number printed on your bill. Enter your account number without the dash. You may also choose to make automatic quarterly payments for water/sewer accounts by choosing the 'quarterly' option. Type the access code 3167 and click on the type of payment. You may call our provider directly for assistance at (888) 388-5959.