Township Board Agendas & Minutes

The Township Board normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at Township Hall. Meetings are also listed on the Township Web Site Community Calendar. Regular meetings are cablecast live on Channel 15. Please read the information below regarding Township Board Meeting Documents.


Pursuant to the Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253, the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has by way of emergency order concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to constitute an epidemic in Michigan, and that it is necessary to establish procedures to be followed during the epidemic to ensure the pulich heatlh, all public meetings for West Bloomfield Township Boards and Commisions will be conducted via remote participations.  All members of the public will be permitted to participate during the public comment and
public hearing portions of the meeting.  

Visit our Minutes-On-Demand site to view the documents for Township Board Meetings.

Persons wishing to bring matters before the Township Board must submit a request in writing, Attn: Debbie Binder, Township Clerk, at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which they wish to appear.

The synopsis of a meeting is posted as soon as it's approved by the Township Clerk and signed by the Township Supervisor. Those wishing to receive notification when agendas or synopses have been posted can do so by signing up for the Township's Email Notification on the Township's homepage under the Residents/Subscribe to Township E-mail Lists tab.


The Open Meetings Act (Section 15.269) requires that unapproved minutes of Township Board meetings be made available for viewing in the Clerk's Office not more than eight (8) business days after the meeting. Approved minutes are to be available for public inspection within five (5) business days after the meeting at which the minutes are approved by the Township Board. They are available in the Clerk's Office and here on the website.

Meeting Schedule
This link provides the current year’s Township Board Meeting Schedule approved by the board before the new year. Please note, however, these dates are subject to change. Refer to the Community Calendar for possible changes. In addition, you may wish to subscribe to the available email notification lists which provide emails regarding Township business.