Engineering Review Process

Engineering Review Process Overview
After a proposed development receives site plan approval, an application is submitted for the Engineering Review Process. The submittal is reviewed and ultimately approved by Engineering, which is a division of the Planning & Development Services Department.  Engineering is committed to customer service.  We want to help your project succeed in a timely fashion.  Therefore, we offer a concierge-style approach to guide you through the review process.  If we don’t have the answer, we will certainly help you obtain it.  We encourage you to reach out to us for assistance with the following:
  • Application submittal and requirements
  • Contact with the contractual engineer as well as township departments and staff.
  • Keeper of records including correspondence, reviews and inspections.
  • Escrow Management
  • Obtaining township standard forms and language
  • Utility Dedication
  • Notary Service

    Plan Review Process:
  • Plans are distributed to the appropriate township departments based on the scope of your project.  Most plan reviews require a minimum of fourteen (14) business days.  The Townships Engineer shall review and approve all plans and specifications for compliance with said ordinances.  Once the engineer has completed her review, a Construction Review Letter will be forwarded to all parties on the submitted application via email.  If revisions are necessary, the Plan Review Process will recommence.

    Approvable Plans: 
  • Once the township is in receipt of approvable plans, Construction Letter One will be forwarded via email.  This letter will introduce you to permitting requirements with the appropriate agencies for approval and construction permits.  Construction Plans (full and/or abridged) will be requested and distributed to the appropriate permitting agencies.

    Construction Approval Requirements:
  • Pending approval and construction permits from the various agencies, the township will begin to prepare you for a Pre-Construction Meeting.  Construction Letter Two will be forwarded via email.  This letter will specify the applicable items that must be submitted prior to scheduling the Pre-con.

    Pre-Construction Meeting:
  • A Pre-Con is required prior to the onset of construction.   All parties, including utility companies, township staff, contractor(s), owner(s), engineer etc. will be encouraged to attend.  Project contact information and meeting minutes will be made available to all attendees.

    Please refer to the Engineering Review Process Packet for Information regarding Application, Plan Review, Construction, Utility Dedication and Close Out.  If you have questions at any point during the process, please contact us.