Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five (5) member board appointed by the Township Board. The Zoning Board of Appeals, in conformity with the provisions of Section 7.16 of the Zoning Ordinance and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, MCL 125.3601 et seq., has the following authority:
  • Appeals. To hear and decide appeals from and review any administrative order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official charged with enforcement of the zoning ordinance. 
  • Ordinance and map interpretations. To hear and decide questions related to the interpretation of the zoning ordinance or zoning maps.
  • Non-use variances. To grant non-use variances according to the provisions of this section and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act MCL 125.3601, et seq.
  • Uses permitted by ordinance only with required approval. To grant approval of the use of property for a specific use that is only permitted by the zoning ordinance after the applicant has demonstrated compliance with all criteria listed and the Zoning Board of Appeals has granted the required approval, such as temporary uses.

2021 Meeting Dates and Deadlines
2021 Meeting Dates

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Gene Farber - Acting Chairperson
Wendy Acho - Secretary
Kathy Hagopian, Voting Planning Commissioner
Robert Sher
David Barash
Rhett Gronevelt, Alternate
John Mohyi, Alternate

Member Resources
Michigan Zoning Enabling Act
ZBA Training PowerPoint
Zoning Board of Appeals Handbook

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