What is a RiverSafe Home?

The RiverSafe Home Program gives you an opportunity to identify water quality protection activities that you do well and consistently around your home.  It also provides an opportunity to commit to other proactive and “easy to do” pollution preventing activities that you may not have considered before.

How does the RiverSafe Home Program Work?

Homeowners complete a user-friendly single-page online survey after reviewing the brief descriptions of the categories of questions in the survey.

A RiverSafe home can display a “RiverSafe Home” plaque furnished by the West Bloomfield Development Services Department upon satisfactory completion of the RiverSafe Home survey.

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SPECIAL THANKS:  A special thanks is extended to Janis Bobrin, Water Resource Commissioner of Washtenaw County as this program is adapted from her RiverSafe Program.  Again, a special thanks goes to a great environmentalist!