So, who is polluting storm water around their homes, anyway?

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Why be concerned?

Storm water may carry pollutants from commonly used household products like fertilizers, pesticides, solvents, soaps and cleaners, paints and finishes, and car maintenance products like oil, antifreeze and petroleum based cleaners.  Pet and wildlife waste are also a concern as they find their way into storm water runoff.  These are just a few examples of potential pollutants when products like these areused or handled improperly, or when we don’t “pick up” after our pets.


The cumulative amounts of pollution generated from each household can be very significant. Consider these examples:

  • More than 32 million pounds of toxic household cleaners are poured down storm drains each year.
  • U.S. Homeowners spend 5 billion dollars annually to fertilize 30 million acres of lawn (www.greenguide.com)
  • 5,000 tons of dog waste are produced daily in the United States.

The everyday actions that each homeowner takes now or is willing to take in the future to protect water quality can make a big difference.

A personal commitment to reduce storm water pollution in West Bloomfield starts at your house!

Keep in mind that storm water leaving your property may flow to a:

 Catchbasin              GrassySwale          Storm water pond       Creek

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Or River – the ultimate destination of storm water!

But no matter where it “goes”, not a drop of that storm water is treated in any way to remove pollutants, so whatever you can do to prevent polluting storm water on your property is a valuable personal contribution to protecting water quality.

So now that you have decided to improve water quality at your house, let’s get started!

Here are the topics that are covered in the survey to make your home a RiverSafe Home:

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         Step 1 - Home Toxics                                 Step 2 - Yard Care and Outdoor Housekeeping


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    Step 3 - Car and Vehicle Care                           Step 4 - Pet & Urban Wildlife Waste  Disposal

STEP 1 …