Floodplains are low lying areas that often extend from water bodies such as rivers or streams. Floodplains are natural features that have historically experienced frequent flooding.  The ecological characteristics of floodplains have been shaped by the inundation of water and can provide a natural buffer between bodies of water and residential areas. 


The value of floodplains, however, has historically been underappreciated in regional planning and development.  Now, many built structures occupy floodplains.  In general, waterways have been constructed and highly controlled with development, removing any immediate need for a natural floodplain extending from these water bodies.  With extensive development and an increase in impervious surfaces, however, controlled rivers and lakes may still flood, especially during significant storm events.  Because of the inherent value of floodplains, the Township attempts to stringently regulate the development that is allowed in floodplains so to protect public health and the environment.