Native Plantings

gold leaf red twig dogwood 

The Township encourages and may require the use of native plants within all landscape activties proposed within regulated environmental areas:  wetlands, woodlands, shorelines and environmetnal features setback areas.  Native plants are easy to maintain, faciltate nutrient cycling, effectively absorb storm/flood waters and provide critical habitat to diverse populations of plants and animals.  Also, native plants are quite beautiful!

Although some non-native plants have been ornimentally used and supported by the horticulture business, non-native plants have the potential to rapidily proliferate and out-compete native plants.  Once a non-native plant becomes invasive, it is difficult and costly to control the spead of these types of plants. 

Native Plant Lists/Native Seed Mixes/Nurseries

NorthernBlueFlag PathRush

Please contact the Environmental Department at (248) 451-4818 if you have any further questions