Payment Through Your Financial Institution

paid bankIf you are using your personal online banking for payments of water/sewer bills and/or taxes, you must use our current lockbox address for payment. Since your bank will not be using the pre-printed envelope when mailing a check to us, we ask that you enter the following information into your banking website. If your bank runs a program and changes the unique ZIP code, you will still be responsible for interest charges on any delayed payments.

The correct addresses are:

P O BOX 671050 
DETROIT MI 48267-1050

P O BOX 671922 
DETROIT MI 48267-1922


  • You will need your bank routing number from your savings or checking account number to make a payment.
  • You will need to set up a separate vendor for tax payments and water payments on your bank's online bill payment site. Failure to do so could cause a delayed or misapplied payment. If your payment is delayed it may become delinquent and be subject to interest and/or penalties.
  • Please verify with your bank that payment will be received by the date you specify. eBanking is not electronic.
  • Your bank works with a third party vendor that cuts a physical check and mails it to West Bloomfield Township. This is often a lengthy process.  If you use eBanking at your financial institution please allow enough time for the check to be cut, mailed and received.
  • We cannot waive interest/penalties due to late tax payments.

If you are a resident needing further assistance obtaining parcel information, or for payment assistance, please call (248) 451-4860 or email the Treasurer's Department .