Water & Sewer Utilities

2020 Hydrant Flushing Schedule 
Beginning on September 8, four of our water technicians per day will be flushing all of the hydrants in the Township.  Please click here for our fall 2020 hydrant-flushing schedule.

This schedule is subject to change pending weather, water or sewer emergencies, and available workforce.  Also to note, A-frame billboard notices will be placed at the ingress and egress entrances to subdivisions the day prior to flushing operations taking place; dependent on delays involving heavy rain with lightning, work will continue the next day that has no inclement weather.

Department Overview

The West Bloomfield Water and Sewer Utilities Department is dedicated to serve in providing quality water and sewer service to its valued customers, whereby utility infrastructure is maintained through accountable and efficient operation, maintenance and best management practices in an attempt to preserve water and sewer rates as feasible as possible.  The department is committed to the following values in guiding its decisions and behavior in pursuit of its mission:

  • Excellence, respect, chain of command, and pride in all that we do
  • Innovation in all areas of our industry as a means of sustaining leadership
  • Responsibility to effectively operate and maintain all systems
  • Effective communications required on a daily basis
  • Safety is first and foremost. We watch each others backs and are cognizant of all aspects related to safety
  • Accountability, Experience, Trust, Technology, Honesty, Commitment, Integrity, Planning, Teamwork, Organizational Management & Development, Courtesy, Achievement, Workmanship, Professionalism, and Dedication to Public Service in all of our Positions

Under the responsibility of the Township Supervisor, the Water and Sewer Utilities Department is comprised of a total of (22) employees, including:

  • (9) Field Maintenance Technicians, 
  • (2) Crew Leaders, 
  • (2) Field Supervisors,
  • (2) Superintendents,
  • (1) Utilities Specialist,
  • (4) Billing Analysts,
  • (1) Billing Supervisor
  • (1) Director
The department maintains and operates over (300) miles of sanitary sewer collection system mains, (23) sanitary sewer lift station pumping facilities, over (370) miles of water mains, including (7) access entry point pressure reducing vaults and valve facilities for control of incoming treated water from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). The department functions on an annual budget of just more than $25 Million, of which more than 70% is a fixed expense paid to the GLWA for the purchase of wholesale water, and the Oakland County Water Resources Commission (OCWRC) for the removal of domestic sanitary sewage via pumping and transmission infrastructure which ultimately reaches the GLWA wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) facility.  The GLWA WWTP is the largest single on-site plant in the northern hemisphere of the world.