Safety Path Construction

The Charter Township of West Bloomfield currently has 68 miles of non-motorized Pedestrian Safety Pathways.  The Township is committed to maintaining the current safety path infrastructure and constructing new pathways as funding allows. 

The goal of the Township is to complete all of the the linkages along one side of major arterial roadways  in in an effort to achieve a continuous pedestrian system in West Bloomfield Township.

West Bloomfield Township residents demonstrated their commitment by voting, in November of 2004, to approve a 15-year authorized levy up to two-tenths (0.20) of one (1) mill for the construction and maintenance of nonmotorized pedestrian safety pathways. 

In 2008, the Township did an extensive analysis of the existing pathway system and developed the 2010 Safety Path Construction.  The program included the construction of up to 18 miles of a safety path to complete linkages. The construction began in the spring of 2008 and will ran through the fall of 2011.

 Safety Path Construction

 Safety Pathway Segment Map

For an overall map of the current non-motorized safety path system click on the following:

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